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英语 二
1.Early on the third morning _D___hehad left his native village,the man entered a D.after
2. Japan has _B___resources,so they have to import almost everything.B.few   
3. His relatives could never understand__D____.D.why Henry did such a crazy thing
4.The photo_C__happy memories of my early childhood.C.reminds me of     
5.“I want to beg a favor of you ,sir .I want t._C___what__C_is,”She said.C.That’s;it     
6.It hought it was worth __B___a hundred miles to see the basketball game.B.driving    
7.How often __A___your car___?I think it ought _____twice a week at A.is…washed…to be washed    
8.The goods___C__when we arrived at the airport.C.were just being unloaded  
9.It is one thing to enjoy listening to  __B___to perform skillfully yourself.B.another
10.The speaker raised voice but still couldn’tmake himself__D___.D.heared
11.Jack’s university education gave him__D__ over boys who had not been to college.D.an advantage
12.Only after finishing their homework __B____to rlay outside B.are the children allowed
13.Lucy, __B__the fish and chicken,please.B. help yourself to.
14.The large family unit,__C___in India,brigs greater financial stability.C.it is believed 
15.“was the job difficult?”“Yes,we found__D___.”D.the work hard to do
16.The bus stops hereto _A___passengers every ten minutes.A.pick up
17.He__A__passed the exam with a score of 61.A.barely  
18.If you want to know the times of buses,please__A__at the office.A.inquire 
19.Thetest_C___a number of multiple choice questions.C.acquire
20.If you want to _A___my interest in foreign languages,why don’t you pay for me to ?A.arouse   
21.John isn’t__B___amused at the TVshow.B.much
22.He thinks more of __D__than of himself.D.others
23.In America,people __C___eight million tons of potatoes every year.C.consume 
24.As soon as the entered the workshop, he smelt something__A___.A.burning
25.The boss promised Mary___B__in salary.B.a raise  
26.This kind of glasses manufactured by experienced craftsmen__B__comfortably.B.wears
27.He acts as though he __D___an expert.D.were
28.A traffic accident occurred in the street and the ambulance is  __A___the way.A.keep out of   
29.when I__A__,the play started.A.was seated
30.We got to know each other during the war and__A___we became good friends.A.befire long
1. It is already six month _A_ we came to England.A. since
2. He hasn't behaved _B_ a college student shouldB. as
3. _D_ one's leave varies in other ways between China and England.D. Taking
4. Manners are very important in every country, but the _C_ as polite behavior.C. counts
5. On more formal _B_ or at parties, a guest always waits to be introduced toB. occasions
6. Jefferson played a leading _C_ in the struggle of the American Colonies to gain .C. part
7. The infections disease _A_ and killed a good part of the soldiers at the front.A. broke out
8. Hamilton wanted a _D_stronger national government than Jefferson did.D. much
9. These crimes are not usually  B__ by people who are poor or in need.B. committed
10. It is a fact that all the time children are _C_ to films and reports  violence.C. exposed
11. _A_the eleven Boston police officers killed since 1962, handguns.A. Of
12. I am determined to do _B_ I can to take guns away from the people.B. what
13. I've been at the window all the time_A_ people go in and out.A. watching
14. --- How did your shirt get torn?C. shelter  
15. Only when the mother is dead or does not live , _A_.A. does the wife of a fisherman turn
16. A man who  C    by robbers lay bleeding on the road.C. had been attacked             
17. It   D   a lot of time to collect the stamps and arrange them well.D. takes
18. She suggests that Mr. Wu   C    in charge of the work when she is away.C. be
19. Energy sources are of primary importance in the industrialized countries,  B    B. where
20. All the petroleum that exists,  D     whether it is hidden under the D. no matter
21. He was so busy that he did not   A   to us.A. stop to talk
22. I didn't go to the party, but I do wish I   C    there.C. had been
23. What he reads  D    his job, but he hopes it will D. has nothing to do with
24. She was   B    for words to express her disappointment.B. at a loss 
25. Manufacturing companies spend millions of dollars trying   A   to those of others.A. superior
26. Dress warmly,   D    you will catch cold.D. or else
27. The teacher divided the class into several small groups to talk   B  of the topic.B. aspects
28. Many newcomers complain of the rapid  C    of life in Hong Kong.C. pace    
29. She got a   A  job while she was waiting to go to the university. A. temporary
30. It would be a mistake to   A     this law to situations which are. A. apply
1. One cannot learn a foreign language well   A    he studies hard.A. unless  
2. It was    D   a hundred people looked lost in it.D. so large a room that
3. Most plants need air  C     they need water.C. just as
4. Is there anything you want from downtown? I'm going to get those letters  B   B. mailed
5.   C   a wrong address, he could not find his friend's flat.C. Having been given 
6. It is important that he  A     to the manager before leaving for his vacation.A. speak
7. I haven't decided which hotel   C   .C. to stay at
8. Hardly had he finished his speech   D    the audience started cheering.D. when
9. I'm very busy now. I'm afraid I can't attend    D    of the two parties.D. either
10. Why not    B   there by bus? B. go 
11.   A   her surprise, she found herself in a different world.A. To
12. Who else except a millionaire could    D     to use such an expensive car?D. afford
13. For miles and miles you can see nothing    C     trees.C. but
14. Fewer and fewer of today's workers expect  B in the same company.B. let alone
15. My mind has several plans, and one in  D     seems good and feasible.D. particular
16. We must get there    A   before he has a chance to break the news to her.A. by all means
17. I was about to leave when it    D    to me that I had not turned off the gas.D. occurred
18. Throughout the year of 1979, there was a sharply rising rate of  A    in A. inflation  
19. Our new house is very  D    for the office as I can get there in five minutes.D. convenient
20. The plan is    B    to meet with the approval of the manager.B. likely 
21. After the operation, I have lost all   C    of smell.C. sense 
22. As it had not rained for several months, there was a severe    A   of water.A. shortage
23. He sent a  D   to his mother saying that he was going to visit her the.D. message
24. He is a scientist, but he writes music, essays and plays the piano in his  B   time.B. spare   
25. Fishing is a hobby that needs a good deal of  D    .D. patience
26. I will give this dictionary to   A    wants to have it.A. whoever
27. Some students prefer a strict teacher C   to work on their own.C. to be left      
28. A series of lectures  B    to be given to celebrate the 50th anniversary  B. is 
29. It is natural for young people to be critical of their parents  D   .D. at times
30. I don't think   A    possible to master a foreign language without much memory work.A. it 
1.It is considerate__B_ you not to play piano while I was sleeping .B. of
2.Tom’s mother was very hard__C__ him.C. on
3.It might have saved me some trouble, _D__.D. had I known about it 
4. It is necessary that the doctor __A__there at once.A. de sent  
5. I am looking forward __B__Mike next week.B. to seeing 
6.I’ ll go with you if I__C__ free tomorrow.C. am 
7.If only he _D___ quietly as the doctor instructed, he would mot suffer so much now. D. bad lain
8. I would rather __D__ with you D. not go
9. I would rather you _D___ home now .D. went
10. My parents insisted that I _B___ before ten o’ clock .B. go home    
11. I objected _B___ the meeting without him.B. to having   
12.I know nothing about him __C___ he lives next door.C. except that  
13.I didn’ t hear the phone. I__B___ asleep.B. must have been     
14.tim__A__ ten dollars for the book.A. paid 
15.He often tells stories__C___.C. that people laugh at  
16.He paid the boy ten dollars for washing  the windows, most of _D___ hadn’ t been clamed for  .D. which
17.He hesitated for moment before kicking the ball, otherwise he _D____ a goal.D. would have scored
18.He had mo pen to __C__.C. write with 
19.He __A___ passed the exam with a score of 60.A. barely 
20.Having entered the classroom, the student _A___ the bag on the desk.A. laid   
21.Hardly had I entered the room__D__ it began to rain D. when
22.From here, we can see the bridge _C___ construction.C. under 
23.Finding it difficult to__B__ to the climate in the city, he decided to move to the south.B. adapt 
24.Don’t worry for my illness; what I need is __B__ a few days’ rest.B. nothing but  
25.Do you have any __C__ in understanding spoken English.C. difficulty   
26.This morning I managed ___C___.C. to get the car to start